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Thank you for your interest in starting or improving your school’s After School Mandarin program. Our company has grown from a handful of students at one after school program to now 17 programs in two cities with over 150 students each week. Students from this first program, now in 9th grade, recently joined us on our first MMTravel Immersion Excursion for a week of intense language class and sightseeing in China. It was incredible to see the maturation and improved language skills of our students over the course of 5 years and we were immensely proud watching them converse and make friends with the locals.

Our team has extensive mentoring and language tutoring experience in both China and The US and has an intimate understanding of mastering the Chinese language. We have been debunking the myth that Mandarin is an impossibly difficult language to learn and we are eager to bring our extensive knowledge of the language and culture to your school. With the right approach, Mandarin is the logical choice for many students to allow them to expand not only their linguistic skills but also their reasoning capacities, confidence in learning, and professional prospects.

We hope that by creating a program at your school we can set your student on a path towards fluency and a deep appreciation of the Chinese culture.

-Jamie Keyte 

our Programs

  • St. Bernard's School

  • Buckley

  • Trinity

  • Allen-Stevenson

  • PS 6

  • PS 180

  • Nord Anglia

  • St. Luke's

  • Chapin

  • Hewitt

  • TAG

  • Trevor Day

  • Transfiguration School

  • Max Chess Academy

  • Manhattan Country Day

  • Bank Street

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our Teachers

We are so proud of the team we have assembled at Manhattan Mandarin. This is a unique group of native and non-native speakers who care deeply about sharing the Chinese culture and language. Our non-native speakers grew up in NYC and know what it takes to learn and love the language! Our native speakers have all graduated from NYU or Columbia Teacher’s Colleges and have dedicated themselves to being the best teachers around. They have all been heavily trained in classroom management and after school teaching strategies. Safety is paramount for us and all our tutors undergo background checks, a long interview and training process, and are familiar with the pickup and drop off standards at our schools.

Beginner Track

Our beginner program has been designed specifically for after school programs. We realized that there were no programs in existence to meet our standards so we created ourselves. We are constantly improving this program learning from all the different schools we have and different learning styles of the children who participate. This track is the best way to ease into the language and set the student up for a successful journey to fluency.


  1. Intro Series: 4-6yrs will begin their journey to fluency by learning the basics of the language through songs, games, repeated commands, a few worksheets and lots of fun. This 2 year series has been created for beginners who are still learning to read exclusively for After School!

  2. Baby Panda: 6-10yrs will love the world we’ve created and the stories about Baby Panda and his friends. Each unit introduces 4-7 key words with worksheets, audio files, and more.

  3. MM Textbook: 6-10yrs created for beginners as a complement to Baby Panda. This three year series will introduce all the major grammar patterns upon which to build the language.

  4. Chinese Made Easy: 6-12yrs It took time to select a series that best fits this age group but CME does a great job of introducing and expanding drastically on all the basics. This can be used for absolute beginners or heritage learners looking to improve upon their reading and writing skills.

Heritage Track

The heritage program began as demand increased for a program designed for children who speak Mandarin at home but may have trouble reading, writing, and using correct grammar. The program has been created by our native speaking teachers from Columbia’s Teacher College and has been vetted by our heritage parents. Classes are conducted in 99% Mandarin and English is only used to explain the most difficult questions and in safety situations.


  1. 每周华语 - 5-12yrs We have adapted this popular series to fit an after school program with students who speak Mandarin at home. Students and parents can find the audio files, worksheets, game and more on our website.