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Private Tutoring

Manhattan Mandarin’s Private Tutoring Program is uniquely tailored to our clients’ needs. Each student begins with a free trial lesson to establish his or her personal learning objectives. Our experienced tutors will work within each student’s timeframe to meet these objectives and help develop personalized study strategies.

Manhattan Mandarin’s founders know firsthand what it takes to learn Mandarin from scratch as a second language, and how most efficiently to achieve conversational fluency and master character writing and reading. We have designed Manhattan Mandarin’s programs to benefit absolute beginners and skilled speakers alike, and are eager to share our experiences of learning Mandarin with you.

Lessons are conducted at whatever location is most convenient for the student. Prices are available upon request. 

Whether you're booking for a child and just starting out, or you're an advanced adult student, we have the best tutors and programs available for you.


"My boys have been studying with Jamie over the last several years. He has helped foster a love of both the language and the Chinese culture.  They always look forward to working with him as he is fun, enthusiastic and dedicated to them and their learning.  He always makes himself available to help when they feel they need it.  We decided to travel to China recently, because of the boys’ interest and he helped make sure we did not miss any highlights!  I would recommend Manhattan Mandarin to anyone interested learning Chinese!  Jamie is a truly gifted teacher."

Carolyn R. / Riverdale

After School Programs

Manhattan Mandarin- DC offers the same great after school programs as New York in DC, Maryland, and Virginia schools. We partner with all schools (public, private,charter) to organize an after-school program that works for your school schedule and students. We offer after school programs from Pre-K to Grade 8. Since our opening in Fall 2018, we have taught dozens of students Chinese. 


In class, we  Explore Chinese language and culture, and set students on the bilingual path early! We introduce students to the core elements of Chinese language through lessons built around movement, games, activities and stories. Students will progress through the course learning pronunciation, vocabulary, reading, writing, and listening, and will gain confidence in their ability to learn Chinese and to speak it. We also explore elements of Chinese culture such as calligraphy, TaiChi, WuShu martial arts, holidays and cuisine. 


We're excited to work with your school to craft the perfect Mandarin Chinese after school enrichment class to excite and engage students in foreign language!

After School Directors 

If you'd like to open a after school program at your school please call us anytime to set up an initial meeting. 

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Business Programs

Manhattan Mandarin's In-Office business classes are designed for you and your team to quickly and efficiently gain an understanding of the language, allowing you to travel comfortably in China and impress your Chinese counterparts. 

This 20 hour course will cover greetings, eating, drinking, etiquette, travel, and navigation. It will also build a rock solid foundation for you to continue learning Mandarin on your own or through Manhattan Mandarin by covering most of the grammar patterns necessary for intermediate/advanced Mandarin.

Classes will only be taught by Manhattan Mandarin tutors who also have experience working in China. Properly understanding a language requires knowledge of the culture to which it is bound; we make sure to focus much of the course on helping you gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.