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Manhattan Mandarin Travel

Spring Break 2020

High School Excursion 

March 16 - March 28, 2019

On March 16th, 2019 a group of intrepid students set out on the first Spring Break Excursion. Forgoing the rest and relaxation of a Southern beach or the familiarity of the same ski slopes our students chose the strenuous life of a whirlwind trip through 5 Chinese cities in 12 days, all while drastically improving their Mandarin.  


We're now on to year 2! Please join us in this China highlights trip. Led by Harry and Jamie this trip will provide a deep dive into Chinese culture and history. We can't wait for another great adventure!


-Jamie and Harry  

March 16 - 27

$5000 - Including Airfare

Beijing, Xi'an, Hanghzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai

Beijing - 北京

March 16 


  • Check into the hotel 

  • A quick walk around the neighborhood to stave off jet lag

  • A Peking duck feast with our friends from Ivy Gate (Jamie's Beijing-based SAT tutoring business)

March 17 - Beijing

  • Morning - Breakfast - Class - Daily Assignments

  • Bus ride out to the Great Wall (non-touristy section)

    • 1 hour class  and lunch on top of a watchtower ​

  • Afternoon - A nice afternoon walk around the old Summer Palace

    • Aman Hotel for tea​

  • Evening - Dinner in the Hutongs​​

    • Cooked by Jamie's friends - 3 generations of kong fu masters still living by the Bell Tower​

    • Majiang lessons in the local park

    • Dinner followed by an evening Kong Fu demonstration

March 18 - Beijing

  • Morning - Breakfast - Class - Daily Assignments 

  • Tian'an Men Square, Forbidden City, JingShan

  • Lunch - Mr. Shi's Dumplings (Jamie and Harry's favorite local dumpling spot!

  • Afternoon - Class overlooking Hou Hai

  • Dinner - Cooking class with The Hutong School

March 19 - Beijing

  • Morning - Stroll one last time around the neighborhood

  • Midday - High speed rail to Xi'an

Xi'An - 西安

March 19 - Xi'an

  • Check into the hotel 

  • Evening - Head to Hui Min Jie for one of our favorite meals

  • Evening stroll around the Bell and Drum tower while learning about the silk road

March 20 - Xi'an

  • Morning - Early morning bike ride around the city wall

  • Head out to explore the Terracotta Warriors

  • Afternoon - Calligraphy class in the park

  • Evening - Dinner with our friend and tour guide Sophia and her family at a mutual friends family restaurant​​

March 21 - Xi'an

  • Morning - Breakfast - Class - Daily Assignments 

  • Midday - High Speed Rail to Hangzhou

Hangzhou - 杭州

March 21 - Hangzhou

  • Check into the hotel 

  • Evening - Head to Qinghefang for Hangzhou's most famous dishes

  • Evening stroll around the ancient street

March 22 - Hangzhou

  • Morning - Bike ride around West Lake

  • Midday - stop for lunch on the far side of Hangzhou

  • Afternoon - Taiqi in the park

  • Evening - Dinner and sunset while watching the famous West Lake Fountain show

March 23 - Hangzhou

  • Morning - Tea picking day!

  • Evening - High Speed Rail to Shanghai

Shanghai - 上海