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"My boys have been studying with Jamie over the last several years. He has helped foster a love of both the language and the Chinese culture.  They always look forward to working with him as he is fun, enthusiastic and dedicated to them and their learning.  He always makes himself available to help when they feel they need it.  We decided to travel to China recently, because of the boys’ interest and he helped make sure we did not miss any highlights!  I would recommend Manhattan Mandarin to anyone interested learning Chinese!  Jamie is a truly gifted teacher."

Carolyn R. / Riverdale

"My 3 year old daughter and her friend have been taking semi-private lessons for a few months now with Manhattan Mandarin. The instructor keeps them interested and engaged through fun games, pictures, and stories! They are really starting to retain a lot of vocabulary and demonstrate listening comprehension. We are very happy with the progress we've seen and most of all the kids are having fun and looks forward to the class every week." 

Ji L. / UWS Parent

"My 3 boys have been taking classes with Manhattan Mandarin for the past 3 years through their school, and now this year, with private lessons from Jay.  He really engages their interest in the language, encouraging them to speak in addition to listening to the tones, and teaches them fun songs and games.  In fact, I often hear them singing their Mandarin songs during the week!  I would highly recommend Jay and all the teachers at Manhattan Mandarin!"

Debbie H. / Allen-Stevenson

"We heard about Manhattan Mandarin through my son’s Mandarin teacher at school. We soon met Jamie and found him to be a kind, passionate and energetic teacher who makes learning the language fun and exciting for children. Jamie has a true gift and connects to students on many levels. My sons look forward to their lessons with Jamie and really enjoy the study of Mandarin." 

Mrs. R. / Collegiate

"Manhattan Mandarin has made Chinese FUN! My daughter entered a Chinese immersion program in kindergarten and was really struggling to grasp the language. She was feeling lost and frustrated in the classroom and was becoming increasingly anxious and upset going to school. We decided to bring in a tutor from Manhattan Mandarin to help boost her vocabulary and confidence. Jamie listened to our concerns and sent us the most lovely, patient and wonderful tutor. She has come up with so many enjoyable and innovative lesson plans to keep our daughter engaged and bring her joy in the process of mastering a difficult language. Two years later, now in second grade, my daughter looks forward to the tutor coming and her attitude about school and learning Chinese has done a complete turn around! Thank you Manhattan Mandarin!"

Jennifer B. / Avenues

"My daughter Charlotte has been studying with Christine at Manhattan Mandarin for over 3 years now. She is currently in 7th grade, and had studied elsewhere when she was younger, but we switched to Manhattan Mandarin because it was much more personalized and as a result, better equipped to help Charlotte take greater strides and greater risks while learning the language. We were happy to learn as well that Charlotte is already working on book that is typically used at high school levels. Charlotte will be able to switch her school language to Mandarin once she enters her high school years, (she currently studies Spanish in school) and we are thrilled she will be so well equipped to step in and make that transition seamlessly. Charlotte really enjoys her weekly study sessions with Christine these days. They are fun, personal and a wonderful learning opportunity. We highly recommend Manhattan Mandarin." 

Linda R. / Sacred Heart

“Jamie has been working with my daughter one-on-one for 2 years now, challenging her beyond her school curriculum. Mandarin is not an easy language but Jamie brings enthusiasm to his work and my daughter obviously enjoys her lessons with him. I am grateful for both his positive attitude and knowledge and I know my daughter’s ability speak, read and write will continue to develop."

Caroline A. / Columbia Prep

"I had private lessons with Xiao Shan Jin from Manhattan Mandarin for half a year now. It is fun, I am learning a lot and Xiao Shan is very flexible with scheduling lessons which is great given my busy and sometimes chaotic schedule. Highly recommended."

Florian K. / Mt. Sinai Hospital

"My son Cameron has been studying with Jamie and his amazing team at Manhattan Mandarin for years.  He began with no knowledge of the language and is now in an advanced high school class.  He looks forward to his weekly lessons, enjoys studying, and has thrived learning a very difficult language.  Jamie is a wonderful teacher, he is engaging, smart and has a background that many of his students can relate to which I think has made my son want to learn even more.  I would recommend Manhattan Mandarin without reservation." 

Juliette J. / St. Bernard's

"Manhattan Mandarin has maintained and improved upon the level of Chinese my children attained while living 8 years in China. Jamie, the founder, is not only an exceptional teacher but also an organized administrator.  He has been sensitive to the needs, proficiency and schedules of our three children (ages 10, 14 and 15). Jay and Harry are wonderful and caring teachers.  Whether your child is just beginning to study Chinese or continuing at an elevated level, I highly recommend Manhattan Mandarin."

Samantha F. / Buckley, Marymount

"Our 10-year old daughter has been taking private lessons with Manhattan Mandarin for the past 3 years. Jamie and his tutors are highly skilled Mandarin speakers and excellent educators who conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism.  They always manage to strike that perfect balance of keeping our daughter's lessons challenging yet fun, constantly tailoring their curriculum to meet her changing needs.  Our daughter's Mandarin vocabulary and fluency have grown exponentially since she started her lessons; we look forward to them every week and feel that they are time and money well spent.  It's such a pleasure to have Jamie and his team in our lives. We can't recommend them highly enough!" 

Cassandra B. / Brearely

"Manhattan Mandarin has been offering tutoring in Mandarin for my son for nearly four years now. Throughout the time they have shown respect for his work, accommodation for an ever-fluctuating schedule, and generosity with their resources. They have been keen to maximize his time with them, and they have been sensitive not to overwhelm. Plus, everyone I've worked with there has been friendly, warm and upbeat. We feel very fortunate to have found this team here in Manhattan." 

James W. / St. Bernard's

"My two children, 9th and 11th graders, have been students of Manhattan Mandarin for more than three years.  They have both acquired a proficiency in Mandarin, and Jamie has ignited a passion for the language in both of them.  Their grades are in the high A’s. We have worked with a few of Jamie’s tutors over the years, all of whom have been excellent and inspiring.  I am proud to say that, because of Jamie and his amazing team, I now have the two best Mandarin students at my children’s prep school." 

Liz M. / York Prep

"My son’s comprehension of Chinese, and his performance at weekly after-school sessions with Manhattan Mandarin, have soared since I myself started taking weekly at-home lessons from Manhattan Mandarin.  (After all, there are few stronger incentives for a child than to have the opportunity to correct his parents!)  The structure of my lunchtime lessons developed gradually as the teacher, Jamie Keyte, learned more and more about the individual way that I learn.  He tailor-made his materials and formats to my needs and expectations, with the result that my rate of learning gradually increased.   Trying to pick up a tonal language represented with pictograms is not easy for a middle-aged adult — but it sure is fun!"  

John H. / St. Bernard's

"We have been very please to Manhattan Mandarin conduct our Mandarin program. This is their third year with us, and our student look forward to their classes. We appreciate also, that their teachers are reliable and personable."

Mrs. B. / After School Director PS 6

​“We are delighted with Manhattan Mandarin and Jamie’s hands-on approach to Mandarin instruction. In less than one year, my children have made tremendous strides and I am confident that they are on their way to developing fluency. Through working with Jamie, they are over the first, most daunting part of learning a language (i.e. when nothing makes sense!) They now have a strong foundation from which to progress in speaking, reading and writing. Manhattan Mandarin has both native and fluent non-native instructors which I think is a strong part of their success. Jamie himself, is a role model of someone who has developed native fluency. (I am impressed that he can conduct business speaking Mandarin in China and he has a genuine respect and appreciation for Chinese language and culture). Through his unique vantage point, he can therefore, relate to his students which facilitates learning because he has done it himself and understands what is effective. We appreciate his well-planned, relevant lessons, instead of boring, rote ones. In addition, we appreciate that M+M offers specific classes to focus on different dimensions of learning a language (Speaking-Only Class, Homework Help, Pre-departure lessons, Business Program, etc….) and that one can visit the office, Skype or Facetime! Great job!  Xie Xie

Katherine M. / Buckley

"My daughter (12) has been taking lessons with Jamie continuously since the Summer of 2014, and has improved dramatically. She is already using the book they use for high-school level students! Jamie is such a fantastic, enthusiastic teacher, who has a great rapport with his students. He knows a lot about China, having lived and traveled there extensively, which gives lessons another dimension (from time to time, he brings history and culture into lessons as well). All the other teachers are just as great. It has been a wonderful experience for her, and for us, as a family. Highly recommended." 

MKD / Sacred Heart, Allen-Stevenson

"Great engaging content coupled with strong and motivated teachers.

Manhattan Mandarin is an experienced, organized and professional organization that is easy to work with. I highly recommend them!"

Alain Haspil / After School Director, The L'Ecole School

I've enjoyed my classes with Manhattan Mandarin. The whole group of people at MM are super friendly, very engaging and very professional. Classes are well organized, and I really appreciated the convenience factor of the classes being in my WeWork building. When everything got switched to remote, there was a seamless transition, and MM was well prepared to handle it. I've had both group classes and private classes. My teacher, Liu, was very attentive to details and was instrumental to the progress I made.

Additionally I've enjoyed the activities organized by MM around Chinese culture. It was great to be around a group of like minded people seeking to learn a new language, and share our thoughts and experiences.

Alvin / Professional

High high recommend. If you want your kids to study Mandarin, here is the place. MM has been conscientious, responsible, responsive, very individually focused on the Mandarin learning of each of my children. I receive confirmations before each session and a complete summary after. My children are engaged. MM makes sure that the fit is right for the needs of each of my kids, and each lesson is highly customized. It’s rare to find a teaching partner you can so readily trust to make sure your kids are not only learning but interested and wanting to perform at a higher level. Thank you, MM!

Teru C / Chapin, Collegiate, Eaglebrook

"Aidan has done so much to help my son in just a few sessions! He brings the subject matter to life and is patient, intuitive, and knowledgeable in his approach!! I highly recommend him if you are looking for a Mandarin tutor!!"

Nancy B. / Briarcliff

"My 7 month old has been studying with Dan for the last 3 months. It has been a great experience. Dan has been updating her teaching style constantly to keep the baby entertained and engaged as he grows and has new interests and capabilities. She also has been flexible with scheduling to allow for the fact that such small babies have limited wake periods and to arrive for classes when he is not likely to get overtired. I would highly recommend Manhattan Mandarin!"

Mrs. D / Miami

Joseph did very well on his final! He got a Merit grade and a Merit grade on his final class grade. Joseph was failing badly before he started working with Aidan and was frustrated. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because you helped him to get his confidence back and to pass his Mandarin class.

Fatima / Regis

I’ve been studying Mandarin remotely with Serena for the past 4 months and it’s been a great experience. As someone who has always struggled learning a second language, Serena makes me feel really comfortable. It’s nice being able to learn a new language at your own pace with no pressure! The entire Manhattan Mandarin team is great as well. I highly recommend this company for anyone wanting to learn Mandarin!

Emily P

Fantastic place to learn Mandarin!! I've had a private tutor here for 1 year. Came in as an intermediate (spoke Mandarin proficiently at home, but had a lot of vocab to learn). My tutor Jay is ideal—he's both fluent in English (lived in NYC for 10 years) and business terms (my intended focus). I have weekly lessons—and it's both fun and illuminating.

Jean T.

Best Chinese tutors in the biz! There really isn’t a better outfit in town - from NY to LA to London and everywhere else Manhattan Mandarin reaches, the teachers are spreading a love for learning Chinese with remarkable professionalism and absolute fun!

Chloe / Sacred Heart

I have been with MM for four months on 1-1 tutoring by Luo Laoshi who is terrific. I am glad I found the right tutor. She is patient and disciplined and it is a pleasure to learn from her . MM has been a good partner in my learning expedition . Thank you

Jay J.

I’d give 10 stars if I could! My teen has been working with Ms. Luo Laoshi online, twice a week in the summer and once a week during this school year. Although we’ve had mandarin lessons as part of the school district’s curriculum since pre-k, we sensed that high school mandarin would be more demanding, especially since no one in our home speaks Mandarin or any form of Chinese languages. We were correct - it’s hard! Working with our tutor has been phenomenal. With our direction, she connected with our high school instructor to get the syllabus and that has helped our teen stay on track with vocabulary and syntax. This makes me incredibly happy. And it gives my teen the confidence to know their work is paying off. Thank you!

Solange H.

Harry has been an excellent resource for my daughter! She works with Harry remotely, and he’s provided fantastic support as she takes an advanced Mandarin Class at boarding school. Her confidence is boosted and grades improved. Jamie and Harry have been wonderful to work with and I highly recommend Manhattan Mandarin!

Leigh H. / Deerfield

The program is partnered with my son's school and while he is learning another language he is also learning a bit about the culture and having fun at the same time!

Stacy Y. / PS 180

Great community to practice business Chinese and to engage in discussions on interesting topics. Go to the Wednesday conversational class and Thursday business Chinese class. Thank you 吴老师 and 刘老师:-)


Harry is quite simply the best Chinese tutor anyone could possibly hire and he completely changed how our daughter felt about studying Chinese. Our daughter was enrolled in an extremely rigorous Chinese program at a very competitive New England prep school. Many of the students in her class were native Chinese speakers and our daughter had learning differences to boot. Her Chinese study, with a native Mandarin teacher, was overwhelming and frustrating. Harry completely turned things around for her, and now our daughter is even looking forward to studying Chinese in college! Harry is an extremely knowledgeable Chinese tutor, but he also is a super kind and clear teacher. He is very effective and worth every penny. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Annie O. / Deerfield

I'm compelled to write this letter because I thought Yanqing had gone above and beyond to help me throughout this process. I'm very appreciative of her professionalism and dedication, and I also thank you all for running such a great operation. 


I had some trouble signing up and I was nervous that I couldn't get hold of anyone and couldn't participate in the examination. To my surprise, Yanqing quickly hopped on the call and troubleshooted the problem with me. I was able to travel to NYC and take the test as planned.


I had a bit more trouble and I reached out to Yanqing again, and within an hour, she called back and helped troubleshoot this situation. She was patient and took the time to understand my timeline. Based on her knowledge of the HSK process, she even proposed clever ways for me to get my scores incorporated into my application so that I could meet my deadline. 


I usually don't take time to thank someone, but I am compelled to do so for Yanqing. She has gone above and beyond to help me. Please recognize her for her excellent work!

David K - HSK 

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