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Private Tutoring

Manhattan Mandarin’s Private Tutoring Program is uniquely tailored to our clients’ needs. Each student begins with a free trial lesson to establish his or her personal learning objectives. Our experienced tutors will work within each student’s timeframe to meet these objectives and help develop personalized study strategies.

Manhattan Mandarin’s founders know firsthand what it takes to learn Mandarin from scratch as a second language, and how most efficiently to achieve conversational fluency and master character writing and reading. We have designed Manhattan Mandarin’s programs to benefit absolute beginners and skilled speakers alike, and are eager to share our experiences of learning Mandarin with you.

Lessons are conducted at whatever location is most convenient for the student. Prices are available upon request. 

Whether you're booking for a child and just starting out, or you're an advanced adult student, we have the best tutors and programs available for you.

After School Mandarin

After School Miami

We love running our After School programs! Each week we bring the language and culture of China to over 100 students at more than a dozen of the best private and public schools in NYC, DC, Miami and Pittsburgh.  

Our After School classes are typically for students in K-6, often broken down into K, 1-3, and 4-6; however, please be sure to contact the After School Director at your child's school as programs do vary.

Proudly offering programs at these schools...

New York City

St. Bernard's


PS 6




PS 180

St. Luke's

Tag School


Trevor Day

PS 198


Weekday School


Nord Anglia


Washington D.C.



National Presbyterian


Georgetown Day

Basis DC


St. Edmunds

Shady Side

River School

St. Patrick's

Community Day

Gulf Stream School


Heath School - Brookline, MA

Dwight-Englewood - NJ

Brownell Talbot - Omaha

Remote Group Classes

remote group

Business Programs

Businss Miami

Manhattan Mandarin's In-Office business classes are designed for you and your team to quickly and efficiently gain an understanding of the language, allowing you to travel comfortably in China and impress your Chinese counterparts. 

This 20 hour course will cover greetings, eating, drinking, etiquette, travel, and navigation. It will also build a rock solid foundation for you to continue learning Mandarin on your own or through Manhattan Mandarin by covering most of the grammar patterns necessary for intermediate/advanced Mandarin.

Classes will only be taught by Manhattan Mandarin tutors who also have experience working in China. Properly understanding a language requires knowledge of the culture to which it is bound; we make sure to focus much of the course on helping you gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. 

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Betty Wang

Pittsburgh - Remote

Betty is a native Mandarin speaker from Beijing. After graduating from a boarding school in Seymour, Tennessee, Betty decided to pursue her Bachelor’s degree at Penn State University. She graduated from College of Education at Penn State with a degree in World Language Education. 


Betty is passionate about working with learners from all age groups. She takes pride in creating a positive and nurturing learning environment where her students feel encouraged to express themselves and take risks. Learning a new language should be a delightful journey, and Betty is here to make it just that for you.

Screen Shot 2024-01-30 at 11.52.41 AM.png

Sophie (Shichao) Shen

Boston - Remote

Sophie, a native of Shanghai, is a certified CTCSOL Mandarin tutor currently offering private Mandarin lessons in Boston. With extensive experience teaching Mandarin to individuals of all ages, including children and adults from various educational backgrounds and societal circles, she currently holds teaching positions at several Chinese schools in Boston.


She earned her master's degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University and a bachelor's degree from the esteemed Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Beyond her academic achievements, Sophie's passion extends to traditional Chinese instruments such as Guzheng and Guqin.


As a professionally trained and seasoned native Chinese teacher, Sophie is devoted to instilling a love for Mandarin in her students. Her teaching philosophy revolves around creating a friendly and engaging learning environment, providing a space where students feel both comfortable and inspired to delve into the richness of the Chinese language and culture.

Mandarin Chinese tutor new york

Serena Smith

Boston - Remote

Serena is currently a Master’s of Arts candidate in Chinese Pedagogy at Middlebury College, specializing in translation and teaching Chinese as a foreign language. She earned her Bachelor of Arts from Hamilton College where she majored in Chinese and minored in Public Policy. 


Serena has a passion for working with students of all ages and has had a wealth of experience teaching and mentoring students both online and in person in subjects including: English, Reading & Writing, Public Speaking, and Debate, Literature, and her personal favorite, Mandarin Chinese. 


As a Chinese adoptee who grew up in the United States, but later studied and worked in Beijing for several years as a young professional, she has unique cultural and linguistic insights on what it takes to learn Chinese successfully. Above all, Serena loves inspiring her students wherever they are in their Mandarin learning journey.  

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