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Manhattan Mandarin Private Tutoring

Mandarin. on your time.

Manhattan Mandarin private lessons have been the heart of our company since its founding. Our tutors love working with students of all ages and skill levels while developing long-term mentor-student relationships all the way to fluency. 

We take pride in establishing and maintaining relationships with Mandarin teachers at schools across NYC and DC. We work closely with these teachers and schools to ensure we understand how best to help our private students succeed in their school classrooms by working on what we know is expected of them.

With 6 years and thousands of lessons of experience, our team has become experts in all commonly used textbooks and online programs. We are extremely familiar with the ins and outs of these series and know best how to help students master their materials and assignments.​

In-Home Lessons

Manhattan Mandarin Tutors teach over 100 private students in-home each week. Its our pleasure to come to you and make learning Mandarin a breeze and not a chore. 



In-Office Lessons

After work is no time to be commuting to your lesson. Any given night our tutors can be found in offices from midtown to Fidi. Take it easy and let us come to you. 



Hamptons/RI Lessons

Each summer we have tutors available throughout RI and the Hamptons. Make sure your children stay sharp during lazy summer days!

Please book in advance as our summer schedule fills quickly. 

Online Lessons

Study as you are. Whenever. Wherever.

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