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Mandarin Chinese Tutoring

Mandarin on your time, anywhere!

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Our selective team of Mandarin Tutors and Mandarin Teachers can't wait to help.​

Book A Free Trial Lesson so we can pair you with the perfect Mandarin tutor for private tutoring.


Prefer Group Classes? Schedule a free Mandarin Level Assessment for class placement.

We look forward to meeting you and supporting you at every step on your Mandarin journey.

Private Mandarin Tutoring

Manhattan Mandarin’s Private Tutoring Program is uniquely tailored to our clients’ needs. Each student begins with a free trial lesson to establish his or her personal learning objectives. Our experienced tutors will work within each student’s timeframe to meet these objectives and help develop personalized study strategies and curriculums.

Manhattan Mandarin’s founders know firsthand what it takes to learn Mandarin from scratch as a second language, and how most efficiently to achieve conversational fluency and master character writing and reading. We have designed Manhattan Mandarin’s programs to benefit absolute beginners and skilled speakers alike, and are eager to share our experiences of learning Mandarin with you.

Lessons are conducted at whatever location is most convenient for the student. Prices are available upon request. 

Whether you're booking for a child and just starting out, or you're an advanced adult student, we have the best tutors and programs available for you.

Since 2012, Manhattan Mandarin has proudly provided more than 100,000 hours of private Mandarin lessons, building cherished relationships with our students and their families along the way. Private Mandarin tutoring sessions are conducted in-home, at our Upper East Side office, our Wework locations, or anywhere requested by the student.


We provide in-home and online Mandarin tutoring for students of any age and any level, and private group lessons upon request. These lessons can serve to supplement in-school Mandarin, provide Mandarin homework-help, or give student a full, out-of-school Mandarin course. Manhattan Mandarin will provide all learning materials needed to optimize your lessons. 


As founders Jamie and Harry Keyte know from their personal experiences of learning Chinese as a second language, there is no limit to what can be achieved with one-on-one lessons!

Book a free trial lesson and Mandarin assessment so we can pair you with the perfect tutor from our team. 

We work together with your teacher to put together the best short and long-term curriculums according to your or your child's Mandarin goals. 

What Our Students Say

Harry is quite simply the best Chinese tutor anyone could possibly hire and he completely changed how our daughter felt about studying Chinese. Our daughter was enrolled in an extremely rigorous Chinese program at a very competitive New England prep school. Many of the students in her class were native Chinese speakers and our daughter had learning differences to boot. Her Chinese study, with a native Mandarin teacher, was overwhelming and frustrating. Harry completely turned things around for her, and now our daughter is even looking forward to studying Chinese in college! Harry is an extremely knowledgeable Chinese tutor, but he also is a super kind and clear teacher. He is very effective and worth every penny. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Annie O. / Deerfield

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