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Manhattan Mandarin Travel:
Our Story

To China!

My first job after graduation in 2010 was taking American students to tour China. I had time the summer before starting a desk job in Beijing and thought this would be a great way to work and travel while continuing to improve my Chinese. 8 years later we launched Manhattan Mandarin Travel with a two week tour taking our own students to some of our favorite spots while completing 25 hours of Mandarin class. They did an amazing job and Harry and I enjoyed leading the group.

We are now offering private tours, school trips, and will, of course, be running our June Highlights Trip as well. We love sharing our China experience with our students and look forward to putting together a trip-to-remember for you, your family, and your students. 


Commitment to Education

Education always comes first at Manhattan Mandarin and our Travel Experiences are no different. 

MMTravel offers a service that no other travel company can match - MM tutors. We can infuse each trip with custom lessons for any level. Whether you are just starting out and practicing greetings and ordering food or working on your negotiating skills our teachers can take your Mandarin to the next level on the road. 

During our high school trips, our students consistently have covered a full year of Mandarin in a two week tour. Students are then 'faced' with the choice of staying in their current class with massive confidence or skipping a year of high school Mandarin. 

Teaching is at the core of what we do. 

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