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Manhattan Mandarin Washington D.C.

Private Tutoring

Manhattan Mandarin’s Private Tutoring Program is uniquely tailored to our clients’ needs. Each student begins with a free trial lesson to establish his or her personal learning objectives. Our experienced tutors will work within each student’s timeframe to meet these objectives and help develop personalized study strategies.

Manhattan Mandarin’s founders know firsthand what it takes to learn Mandarin from scratch as a second language, and how most efficiently to achieve conversational fluency and master character writing and reading. We have designed Manhattan Mandarin’s programs to benefit absolute beginners and skilled speakers alike, and are eager to share our experiences of learning Mandarin with you.

Lessons are conducted at whatever location is most convenient for the student. Prices are available upon request. 

Whether you're booking for a child and just starting out, or you're an advanced adult student, we have the best tutors and programs available for you.

After School Mandarin

After School DC

We love running our After School programs! Each week we bring the language and culture of China to over 100 students at more than a dozen of the best private and public schools in NYC, DC, Miami and Pittsburgh.  

Our After School classes are typically for students in K-6, often broken down into K, 1-3, and 4-6; however, please be sure to contact the After School Director at your child's school as programs do vary.

Proudly offering programs at these schools...

New York City
St. Bernard's
PS 6
PS 180
St. Luke's
Tag School
Trevor Day
PS 198
Weekday School
Nord Anglia

Washington D.C.
National Presbyterian
Georgetown Day
Basis DC

St. Edmunds
Shady Side
River School
St. Patrick's
Community Day

Gulf Stream School

Heath School - Brookline, MA
Dwight-Englewood - NJ
Brownell Talbot - Omaha

Remote DC

Remote Group Classes

Fall Mandarin

Our online group class series has been created to bring you all of Manhattan Mandarin during the lockdown. Our amazing teachers have been hard at work creating these classes and we're so thankful for their dedication. We hope we can offer a bit of language fun and creativity during this difficult time.

Can't find a class that fits?
Chat with Jamie to create your own private group.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 情人节快乐!Our K after

Lower / Middle School
Remote Classes

Whether your child is an absolute beginner or ready for full immersion, we have online classes available.


The team at MM has been hard at work creating the best remote learning options for our youngest learners. 


High School

Remote Classes

MM was founded by a high school Mandarin teacher and many of our teachers continue to work in HS Mandarin. We've created our HS program as a stand-alone class or supplement to your child's in-school class. 

We're familiar with all high school textbooks and look forward to helping your child gain confidence to have a great HS Mandarin experience. 

Harry Jamie Brit (1).jpg

Adult Mandarin
Remote & In-Person

It's never too late to start learning! We've built our adult classes to guide students through the first few months of Mandarin learning or drastically improve your skills for our more experienced learners. 

Take our assessment and see what class is right for you!

Business Programs

Business Classes

Manhattan Mandarin's In-Office business classes are designed for you and your team to quickly and efficiently gain an understanding of the language, allowing you to travel comfortably in China and impress your Chinese counterparts. 

This 20 hour course will cover greetings, eating, drinking, etiquette, travel, and navigation. It will also build a rock solid foundation for you to continue learning Mandarin on your own or through Manhattan Mandarin by covering most of the grammar patterns necessary for intermediate/advanced Mandarin.

Classes will only be taught by Manhattan Mandarin tutors who also have experience working in China. Properly understanding a language requires knowledge of the culture to which it is bound; we make sure to focus much of the course on helping you gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. 

Mandarin Chinese tutor nyc

Virginia Cutchin

Northern Virginia - DC - Remote

Virginia Cutchin is an experienced, China-focused intercultural consultant (over 20 years) and ICF-accredited executive, health/wellness and neurolanguage coach®. Virginia’s co-creative process helps clients thrive – with whatever resources they have and in whatever circumstances
they find themselves – and to fully realize their professional and personal goals. Virginia’s combination of cultural sensitivity, deep listening skills, well-timed powerful questioning and subject matter expertise where appropriate encourage clients to constantly clarify, pursue and
achieve their own objectives. In this way they gain insight, autonomy, accountability and continuity. As a language coach, Ms. Cutchin applies the neurolanguage coaching® approach
for efficient and cost-effective English, Mandarin and/or accent modification goal attainment.


Ms. Cutchin has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in global marketing, international business and other topics at major universities in New York and Washington, DC, and at an English language learning institute in Beijing, China. She is currently associated with Johns Hopkins University’s Advanced Academic Programs and the US-China Chamber of Commerce. Professional memberships include Chinese Language Teachers Association and the Society for
Intercultural Education, Training and Research. Prior to establishing her company in 2001 Ms.
Cutchin was charged with business development, teaching and marketing functions as a Marketing Officer at the USA headquarters of Bank of China.

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Anna Lee

DC - Remote

Anna is a native Mandarin speaker from Taiwan, currently living in Washington D.C. She has multiple experiences in teaching 4-6 grade students language and art in summer camps and church. With a communication and graphic design background, she is able to bond with students with her skill sets and bring joy into learning.


Anna believes that it is crucial to find a suitable way of teaching for every individual. She would first get to know the student and their interests - and use that to combine it with the teaching material. Letting students gain interest, learn in a diverse, fun, and comfortable way, and combine it with everyday life to deepen their impression of how to use the language.


Anna is outgoing and enjoys baking, art, traveling, and dancing. She loves exploring, learning about different cultures, and finding beauty within.

Mandarin Chinese tutor new york

Maggie Varland

Richmond, VA - Remote

Maggie Laoshi was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, where she fell in love with foreign languages at an early age. She studied French and Spanish until joining an after school Mandarin program in her senior year as teacher assistant. From those early days of painstakingly tracing 你好, 再见, 我爱你 all over her high school textbooks, Chinese language and culture held a fatal attraction for her.


Maggie Laoshi majored in Chinese at the University of Virginia, first going to China in 2009 and returning every year until 2012 when she finally bought a one-way ticket! She taught social studies at an international high school, then completed a Master of International Business degree at Hult International School's Shanghai campus. 


After business school, Maggie Laoshi oversaw marketing and business development of 9 Chinese sales offices for one study abroad company sending thousands of Chinese students to the US annually. She then served as Chief Learning Officer for a Shanghai-based online tutoring business where she developed the complete ESL curriculum and recruited and trained hundreds of online tutors. 


Maggie Laoshi loves working in international education and bringing people of different cultures together. Since becoming a mother to two daughters she has worked more closely with individual students and families as a college counselor and language tutor. In her spare time she enjoys Chinese kungfu training with her daughter Abby and husband Jianhu and looks forward to baby Elinor joining the family fun!

Washington DC Mandarin tutor

Sha 'Rissa' Lu

DC - Remote

Sha Lu (Rissa) is a native speaker in Mandarin. She came to Washington D.C. from Kunming, China, where she started her Mandarin teaching journey in 2017. 


She has extensive tutoring experience to students of all ages and of various backgrounds, including elementary school kids, working professionals,  college students, and US diplomats. With over four years of teaching experience, Sha has developed different learning methodologies based on individual preferences in order to maximize learning results. 


In addition, Sha holds two graduate degrees from American University in Public Administration and Data Science, and is aiming to apply her teaching skills and data knowledge to careers in educational and data-adjacent fields.

Mandarin Chinese tutor new york

Shuwen Wang

DC - Remote

Shuwen is a native speaker from China and is currently studying at George Washington University for a Master of International Education with TESOL/ Teaching Mandarin certification.

Shuwen is passionate about working with children and her nonprofit work. 

In her free time she loves painting and traveling. She often bring her painting and calligraphy skills into her Mandarin lessons!

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