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Manhattan Mandarin Travel

Immersion Excursion
March 22 - 30, 2024

All High Schoolers + College StudentsWelcome!

finally back to china, Jamie and Harry blah

The Itinerary


March 22

  • Check into the hotel 

  • A Peking duck feast with our friends from Ivy Gate (Jamie's Beijing-based SAT tutoring business)

March 23: Great Wall, Summer Palace, Kong Fu in the Hutongs

  • Morning - Breakfast - Class - Daily Assignments

  • Bus ride out to the Great Wall (non-touristy section)

    • 1 hour class on the Great Wall's history and lunch on top of a watchtower ​

  • Afternoon - A nice afternoon walk around the old Summer Palace

    • Aman Hotel for tea​

  • Evening - Dinner and Kong Fu in the Hutongs​​

    • Cooked by Jamie's friends - 3 generations of kong fu masters still living by the Bell Tower​

    • Majiang lessons in the local park

    • Dinner followed by evening Kong Fu class between the Bell Tower and the Drum Tower

March 24: Tian'an'men, Forbidden City, Houhai

  • Morning - Breakfast - Class - Daily Assignments 

    • Walk through the hutongs to Tian'an Men Square

    • Tour the Forbidden City and climb JingShan

  • Lunch - Mr. Shi's Dumplings (Jamie and Harry's favorite local dumpling spot!

  • Afternoon - Class overlooking Hou Hai

    • Explore the Nanluoguxiang area - have tea in the courtyard of a Hutong restaurant​

  • Dinner - Cooking class with The Hutong School

March 25 - Beijing

  • Morning - Stroll one last time around the neighborhood

  • Midday - High speed rail to Shanghai

  • Mandarin lessons about Shanghai on the train!



March 26

  • Check into the hotel 

  • Evening - Head to Old Shanghai for soup dumplings!!

  • Evening stroll while learning about the amazing history of Shanghai

March 25: The French Concession; The Bund

  • Morning - Harry's (almost famous) walking tour of the French Concession

  • Propaganda Museum, Sun Yatsen's house and more!

  • Afternoon - Up we go to the top of the Shanghai Tower

  • Evening - Dinner with MMTravel's local food consultant and friend. He always treats our trip to one major dinner (last year with Jean-George's....)

  • Walk through the Bund

March 26: People's Park; KTV like a Local

  • Morning - People's Park and Shanghai Museum

  • Lunch with Expats living in Shanghai 

  • Afternoon - Shopping and a foot massage

  • Evening - Final feast and KTV night!

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