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Manhattan Mandarin Scholarship Foundation

Mandarin for all

The Manhattan Mandarin Scholarship Foundation (MMSF), established in 2019, offers the opportunity to learn Mandarin to both underprivileged children in New York City and to those students who may not have immediate access to learning the language. The team behind MMSF strongly believes the opportunity to learn Mandarin should be afforded to all children. Moreover, empowering disadvantaged children with the ability to speak Mandarin not only opens their minds to a new world and culture, but provides the unique power to open new doors in their lives. MMSF’s fully subsidized programs pair students, or groups of students, with Manhattan Mandarin’s skillful teachers who are highly experienced in working with children within their specific needs, and who regularly work hand-in-hand with some of the city’s top private schools.


The MMSF program sponsors children in the New York area in achieving conversational fluency and developing skills in character reading and writing, as well as familiarizing them with the Chinese culture.  MMSF is affording the opportunity to learn Mandarin to any student who has the drive and passion to pursue this challenging but advantageous language.

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Private Lessons

MM conducts 120+ private lessons each week. Give the gift of one private lesson to one of our MMSF students. 


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After School Mandarin

$100 will pay for 2 after school Mandarin sessions plus materials!


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Saturday Classes

Classes for heritage learners in the traditional Saturday class format. $500 provides 10 Saturday sessions. 


Donation Link Coming Soon!
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After School Programs

One year of After School Programs for 10 students. 



Summer Programs

Summer immersion excursions to China with MMTravel. Students will join this once in a lifetime trip, explore China and drastically improve their Mandarin.



Mandarin Center

Our ultimate goal is to open a studio to serve as many students as we can. With this donation we can open and run a studio for at least 1 year. 


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