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Manhattan Mandarin Travel

Our past Trips

June 2019 - Immersion Excursion

Hong Kong - Guilin - Xi'an - Beijing - Hangzhou - Shanghai

March 2019 - Spring Break Private Tour

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On March 16th, 2019 a group of intrepid students set out on the first Spring Break Excursion. Forgoing the rest and relaxation of a Southern beach or the familiarity of the same ski slopes our students chose the strenuous life of a whirlwind trip through 5 Chinese cities in 12 days, all while drastically improving their Mandarin.    

Beijing - 北京

In Beijing we clambered up The Great Wall, met government officials and kung fu masters, shot sling shots into Hou Hai (who knew this was a Old Beijing tradition?), breezed through Tian'an Men and The Forbidden City, climbed Gu Lou (Drum Tower) and observed Beijing's glory on a pollution-less day, chowed on Beijing duck, Mr. Shi's Dumplings and jianbing. 

Xi'An - 西安