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Chinatowns Behind The Gates

Our inaugural art exhibition at Manhattan Mandarin by Sammy Yuen

Chinatowns Behind the Gates. Explores the rich history of Chinatowns across

America and their connection to Asia. Chinatowns are made up of a diverse and

unique community of immigrants and they are filled with many different customs,

culture, and stories. These stories provide a portal to the past and inspire the


Chinatowns Behind the Gates is Sammy Yuen’s second solo exhibition. He is in

the process of writing a children’s book based on this show. In April of this year

Sammy will begin a traveling exhibition at the Chinese American Museum of

Chicago title Shared Lines. Shared Lines goal is to amplify underrepresented

A.A.P.I. stories on Route 66. In May, Sammy’s work will be featured in Googles

Arts and Culture A.A.P.I. heritage month celebration. He is also involved in two of

Govern Hochul Downtown Renovation Initiatives (DRI) in Manhattan Chinatown.

One is to paint murals with carbon neutralizing paint and the second is to light up

the night sky by designing neon signage.

Sammy is a New Yorker who has combined his personal life and professional life

to serve the community. As a life-long martial artist Sammy has modified his

training and developed free self-defense classes for the community. These

classes are a direct response to the rise of anti-Asian hate and are a short-term

solution for safety. As a visual artist Sammy moved away from his work as an

award-winning book cover designer/illustrator to create drawings of the

community. Sammy hopes these drawing amplify underrepresented stories and

provide a long-term solution to anti-Asian hate by creating conversation and

empathy. His goal is to educate, empower and inspire others through his work.

Visit Sammy at #sammynycart

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