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Top 5 Chinese TV Shows for Studying Mandarin

Manhattan Mandarin's founders know what it's like to learn Mandarin from scratch. Listening is a skill!

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We've done it all - study abroad programs with no-English-allowed language pledges in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guilin; 10,000 hours of Pleco flashcarding; Mandarin Classes (the best ones on earth, mind you)...and yet it's never enough if you aren't willing to put in the extra work to improve your listening skills, vocab retention, and pronunciation. Here are five TV shows we've actually enjoyed for studying Mandarin. We won't make you read about them. Give them a shot:

1. Dou Ting Hao

A good drama revolving around a Suzhou family

2. 圆桌派

Great round table discussions

3. 家有儿女

A wholesome 2000's Sitcom

4. 新相亲大会

A dating show where the parents get involved!

5. 非诚勿扰

Yes, another dating show with Meng Fei...oops!

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