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Immersion Excursion 2024

June - July, 2024
All High Schoolers + College Students Welcome!
25 Hours of Class Time - 5 Cities - 

In June, 2018 we ran our first Immersion Excursion. We spent two weeks in June in some of our favorite spots in China, including The French Concession in Shanghai, a walk through the ancient tea fields of Hangzhou, the Terracotta Army and Hui street in Xi'an, and all the must-see spots of Beijing. We did all this while also doing a total 25 hours of Chinese class!

We have been waiting 4 years to get back to running our trips and are thrilled to offer our immersion excursion this summer. 

We're going to be traveling like New Yorkers. Checking out as many amazing spots that we can (at NYC speed) while slowing down to converse with new friends and deep dive into the culture. We've added cooking classes, epic hikes, feasts upon feasts, a company visit and much more. 

Please join us for another amazing trip this summer.

-Jamie and Harry

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