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我们的团队具有丰富的教育,房地产,及周边项目投资经验,严谨认真的管理理念,真诚耐心的服务态度,并精通中,英,日,马来西亚等多国语言。我们在纽约和纽英伦地区教育领域有多年的经验,与各大私立,公立等名校建立了常年深厚的关系,我们特别为使用中文的家庭提供量身定做的一条龙服务,服务内容包括:教育顾问咨询,名校申请, 物业管理,房屋买卖租赁,六星级贵宾服务等项目。让纽约成为您第二个家。


Meet The Team

Jamie Keyte

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2013年,在Jamie多年留学中国后,回到了家乡纽约创建了(Manhattan Mandarin) 曼哈顿汉语学校。其初衷不但致力于汉语文化的传播,同时也致力于中美友好关系的发展。短短几年里,这所学校发展成为纽约最大的汉语学习机构。它为纽约各大公立,私立学校提供课后兴趣班,同时也为各个年龄段的汉语爱好者提供私人培训和课后辅导课程。他带领学生们多年来游览中国,体会中国文化的博大精深。与此同时,在北京参与创建了Ivy Gate藤门国际教育集团,为有志于海外留学的学生和家庭提供咨询培训等专业服务。2018年,在华盛顿D.C.成立了分校。


2015年,Jamie取得了房地产代理人和经营权。由于对纽约教育机构的深厚了解,和对中国家庭的文化背景和需求的,Jamie与于David Cheng为首的专业团队合作,成立了房地产子公司,MMRE。其公司给大量的中国家庭提供了更有效,更透明,更有针对性,更准确的房地产信息,投资资源,和物业管理服务。

David Cheng

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David is a co-founder of Manhattan Mandarin Real Estate. He has over 12 years of principal investing experience and in managing real estate assets, primarily in the
New York metropolitan area. In 2009, he founded Minuit Partners, a boutique investment company that focused on residential multi-family assets in New York City. The firm’s portfolio included 20 properties with over 250 residential units.

Mr. Cheng managed all acquisitions, financing, investor relations, as well as overseeing the day-to- day management and operations of all the assets. He was also involved in supervising several redevelopment and renovation projects. Mr. Cheng
has developed an extensive network of contacts, including relationships in the brokerage, lending and capital markets circles, as well as local property owners, managers, contractors and developers.


Prior to founding Minuit Partners, Mr. Cheng was the co-head of acquisitions at Madison Capital, overseeing investments and managing the underwriting, closings
and capital markets aspects of all transactions. He also played an integral role in the formation of a $200MM joint venture and served as the chief liaison between Madison and Prudential. In addition to supervising the entire acquisitions group, Mr. Cheng was responsible for all disposition and refinancing projects.


Mr. Cheng’s prior principal experience includes years with Stonewater Partners (an
equity partner with Fortress Investment Group) and Morgan Stanley.


David received a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering and Economics from Tufts University and a Master’s degree in Real Estate Finance from New York University.

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