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Manhattan Mandarin


Chelsea - 511 West 25th

Chelsea - 511 West 25th

WeWork 3rd Floor

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday


Saturday - Sunday


Office Head

Jamie Keyte

Founder & CEO

Trinity Mandarin Teacher

917 439 7978

Private Lessons

Manhattan Mandarin’s Private Tutoring Program is uniquely tailored to our clients’ needs. Each student begins with a free trial lesson to establish his or her personal learning objectives. Our experienced tutors will work within each student’s timeframe to meet these objectives and help develop personalized study strategies.

Our tutors work with over 100 private students weekly and know the curricula at schools such as Avenues, Trinity, Collegiate, etc inside and out. 



*price varies by teacher

Group Classes

After School Homework Helper

Tuesday 4 - 5pm

*pickup available


Students can join Manhattan Mandarin tutors in our conference room for an hour of guided homework help. We are there to answer questions, get through any tricky parts, and get students ready for a great week of school. 

Adult Classes

Day 8! Xi’an! Calligraphy lessons at Swa

Tuesdays Oct. 22 - Jan. 21

Beginner Mandarin


12 sessions $480

A strong foundation is the key to learning Mandarin. Master the basics in pronunciation, grammar, and writing while learning to introduce yourself and your family, order food and drinks, get around town and more. 


Wednesdays Oct. 23 - Jan. 22

Intermediate Mandarin


12 session $480

You know the basics. Now, let's get you ready to take your Mandarin to the next level. Vocabulary building will be stressed in this class conducted in 80% Mandarin. Your'e on the way to fluency!

US China agreement

Wednesdays Oct. 23 - Jan. 22

Advanced Mandarin


12 sessions $480

This business course will follow 10 case studies of companies entering the Chinese market. The class is conducted in 99% Mandarin by instructors who know the education and business market.


Pre-Travel Program

10 sessions $400/person

You've booked the trip of a lifetime. You think you know a few words and phrases in Mandarin but you're not too sure. Make sure you and your family get everything you can out of this trip. 


In our 10 session crash course you will learn how to order food, travel, make small talk, and survival basics before your go.  

Girl with Shopping Bags

Gallery Sales Program

10 sessions $400/person

After taking our Foundation course, your team can participate in our Salesforce program. 

Chelsea is home to some of the most amazing galleries and artists in the world. Your team should be able to sell worldwide and especially to the Chinese market. 

In 10 sessions learn the basics of communicating with Chinese customers, cultural sales angles, and how to close a sale using your language skills. 

Classmates in the Library

Mandarin Foundation

10 sessions $400/person

Our Foundation course is what every other program we offer is built off of. Having a firm base upon which to build the language is absolutely key. We know, we've done it. 

Join us in a 10 session program designed to get you, your family, or your co-workers on the path to fluency. 

Street Food

The Big Dinner

5 sessions $500/person

Dominating a dinner is the key to business in China. In our 5 session course you and your team will learn how to do just that. 

The course will culminate in a group dinner with native speakers who put you and your team through a stress test. 


Real Estate - Intermediate

10 sessions $400/person

After taking our Foundation course, your team can participate in our intermediate RE package. We've taken brokers from Corcoran and Compass over to China and know what it takes to close. 

We will focus on both the language and the culture as keys to landing Chinese clients.


Customized Group Lessons

Please let us know your goals and time range and we can put together a custom course designed for you and your team. 

There are no limits to what we can do hear and love hearing your ideas.

Harry really helped excel Matteo from a low grade to top of the class in mandarin in Pre K  in just 1 year! We were late to Mandarin and were advised to get a tutor. Thank goodness for Harry, he is excellent with his teaching and uses lots of fun sports and educational games to make each session feel like a play date! Matteo considers him as a friend and so enthusiastic and encourage by Harry! 

Georgia / Avenues

Just writing to let you know that after many hours in 孙老师’s class and more flashcards than I can count, I was able to score a 5 on the AP Chinese exam! I really cannot thank you enough for putting me on this path in a subject I am so deeply passionate about. Earlier this summer my family and I traveled to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Taipei, where I was able to communicate much more than I had anticipated! 

Daniel / Trinity, Brown

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