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School Days

After School Programming

Thank you for your interest in starting or improving your school’s After School Mandarin program. Our company has grown from a handful of students at one after school program to now 30 programs in 6 cities with over 150 students each week. Students from this first program, now in 9th grade, recently joined us on our first MMTravel Immersion Excursion for a week of intense language class and sightseeing in China. It was incredible to see the maturation and improved language skills of our students over the course of 5 years and we were immensely proud watching them converse and make friends with the locals.

Our team has extensive mentoring and language tutoring experience in both China and The US and has an intimate understanding of mastering the Chinese language. We have been debunking the myth that Mandarin is an impossibly difficult language to learn and we are eager to bring our extensive knowledge of the language and culture to your school. With the right approach, Mandarin is the logical choice for many students to allow them to expand not only their linguistic skills but also their reasoning capacities, confidence in learning, and professional prospects.


We hope that by creating a program at your school we can set your student on a path towards fluency and a deep appreciation of the Chinese culture.

-Jamie Keyte 

Proudly offering programs at these schools...

New York City
St. Bernard's
PS 6
PS 180
St. Luke's
Tag School
Trevor Day
PS 198
Weekday School
Nord Anglia

Washington D.C.



National Presbyterian


Georgetown Day

Basis DC


St. Edmunds

Shady Side

River School

St. Patrick's

Community Day


Heath School - Brookline, MA

Dwight-Englewood - NJ

Brownell Talbot - Omaha

Our Teachers

We are so proud of the team we have assembled at Manhattan Mandarin. This is a unique group of native and non-native speakers who care deeply about sharing the Chinese culture and language. Our non-native speakers are passionate about sharing their Mandarin journey and know what it takes to learn and love the language!


Our native speakers have all graduated from NYU or Columbia Teacher’s Colleges and have dedicated themselves to being the best teachers around. They have all been heavily trained in classroom management and after school teaching strategies. Safety is paramount for us and all our tutors undergo background checks, a long interview and training process, and are familiar with the pickup and drop off standards at our schools.

Remote Group Classes

Winter Mandarin
January 4th - March 12th
*Registration will remain open until Jan. 15

Our online group class series has been created to bring you all of Manhattan Mandarin during the lockdown. Our amazing teachers have been hard at work creating these classes and we're so thankful for their dedication. We hope we can offer a bit of language fun and creativity during this difficult time.

Can't find a class that fits?
Chat with Jamie to create your own private group.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 情人节快乐!Our K after

Lower / Middle School
Remote Classes

Whether your child is an absolute beginner or ready for full immersion, we have online classes available.


The team at MM has been hard at work creating the best remote learning options for our youngest learners. 

Join us this spring!


High School
Remote Classes

MM was founded by a high school Mandarin teacher and many of our teachers continue to work in HS Mandarin. We've created our HS program as a stand-alone class or supplement to your child's in-school class. 

We're familiar with all high school textbooks and look forward to helping your child gain confidence to have a great HS Mandarin experience. 

Harry Jamie Brit (1).jpg

Adult Mandarin

Remote Classes

It's never too late to start learning! We've built our adult classes to guide students through the first few months of Mandarin learning or drastically improve your skills for our more experienced learners. 

Take our assessment and see what class is right for you!

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